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Facts About The President Elect Donald Trump

The US president elect, Donald Trump is a businessman and is known worldwide for his indigenous stature in business and as a television celebrity. Here are some facts about Donald Trump you may have not known.

  • Parents of the president elect sent him away to New York Military School at 13 years old. They thought he needed more discipline.
  • Donald Trump made $375,000 per episode for his reality hit, The Apprentice.

The Apprentice

  • Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. His brother was an alcoholic and died because of his addiction in 1982.
  • The president elect has his own board game called Trump: the Game. It was discontinued in 1989 but reintroduced in the midst of his The Apprentice fame.

Trump: The Game

  • Trump’s residence, Trump Tower, was used as the fictional Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises.

Wayne Enterprsies

  • The president elect and Ringo Starr starred in the same “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” episode.
  • A germaphobe, Donald Trump dislikes shaking hands, which is why he’s famous for high fives. When forced to shake hands, he has an interesting technique of vigorously pulling the other person close into his body.
  • Donald Trump is among the least charitable billionaires in the world, donating $3.7 million to his own charity over the span of 20 years (less than the WWE donated to Trump’s charity in 2007 alone).
  • In 1990 Donald Trump threatened to sue the stock broker firm Janney Montgomery Scott after an analyst made negative comments regarding the financial prospects of the Taj Mahal. The analyst was fired, refusing to withdraw the statement. The Taj Mahal declared bankruptcy later that same year.
  • Donald Trump tried to sue an author for $5,000,000,000 because the author called the president elect a millionaire instead of a billionaire.
  • In 2012 Donald Trump ordered a boycott against Glenfiddich scotch, since the whiskey company financially backs the Top Scot award, given that year to Michael Forbes, who was chosen for refusing to vacate his land to make way for Trump’s planned golf course.
  • Donald Trump tried to stop the building of an offshore wind-farm in Scotland because it would “ruin the view” of his golf course.
  • The president elect is the founder of Trump Card.

WWE Trump Card

  • Donald Trump has run for president before. He won the California presidential primary for the Reform Party in 2000.
  • He owns or has controlling interest in more than 500 businesses. Wikipedia reports the The Trump Organization has 515 real estate developments, subsidiaries, and branding.
  • Even if Trump hadn’t gone into real estate, he would still be rich. His father left him sizable inheritance.
  • The net worth of Donald Trump is USD 3.7 billion (₹ 2,50,81,09,75,000) as reported by Forbes.
  • He passed up the chance to buy the New England Patriots back in the 80s because he thought they were a bad investment.

New England Patriots

  • The president elect owns a state-of-the-art Boeing 757 with gold plated interiors.

  • Donald Trump bought The Plaza Hotel in the year 1988 in which most of the scenes from the movie Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York were filmed. Trump makes a cameo appearance in this movie. Here is a scene from the movie.

  • The president elect has appeared in WWE a number of times.

  • The only president of United States to receive a Stone Cold Stunner.

Aren’t these some cool facts? If you know any more facts about the US president elect, Donald Trump, please share with us in the comments section below. Check out other facts too.

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