Unknown Facts About Crying

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Unknown Facts About Crying

We all cry at some time in our life. Here are some facts about crying which will help you feel better that you are not the only one to cry.

  1. On average, men cry between six and 17 times a year, while women cry between 30 and 64 times.
    Tough Men Crying
  2. Crying bouts usually last six minutes for women and between two and four minutes for men.
    Man and Woman crying
  3. About 20% of crying episodes last longer than 30 minutes. Eight per cent last longer than one hour.
    Crying Man
  4. In 65% of cases for women, crying turns into sobbing. This compares to just 6% for men.
    Woman crying
  5. Men mainly cry over major losses while women shed tears more when they are sad, frustrated or angry.
    Sad Woman
  6. We’re all more tearful in the evening, particularly from 7-10pm.
    Facts About Crying
  7. Women have higher levels of prolactin, a hormone linked to milk production that can affect emotions.
    Sad Woman
  8. Men have bigger tear ducts, so tears are less likely to escape their eyelids.
    Man Tears

These facts about crying were answered as a question by Dhananjaya D R on Quora. If you have any more facts on crying mention it in the comments section below.

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