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Read A Book

There are 2 types of people around us: those who like to read a book and those who like to download and read it.  Lets talk about the people who like to read those awesome paperback books. When you read a book the next time, make sure you follow these steps. You will have an enjoyable read.

Touch the book’s spine

Book Spine

Smell its pages

Smell of books

Inhale its musky scent

inhale musky smell

Open the book

opening a book

Close the book

close the book

Go, get a pencil, not a pen. A book is to be marked not besmirched.

book and a pencil
text marker

Also, a bookmark

open book with bookmark

Courtesy: Public Domain Pictures

And a dictionary, if you are bad at guessing meanings or suffer from I-must-know the meaning of eulogy right now or perish


Sit down again

sit down to read book

Open the book

open the book

Start reading

woman reading book on beach

Regardless of the genre you are reading – mark portions that you feel are significant to understand the plot/essence/theme of the book

guy reading book

Don’t mark everything in sight. Once or twice after every couple of pages.

marking on books

Read for sometime. If it’s short and you can bid it farewell in one setting, fine.

girl reading book

If not, place the bookmark and return to the world of the book after a few days, when you find the time to read and start from scratch, reading only the couple of underlined portions.

open the book

Then continue from where you left off

old woman reading

That’s how you read a book – and remember the details.

remember how you read a book

This post is compiled from an answer given by Ayushi Mona to a question on Quora.

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