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Things To Avoid In An Interview

We all know the things to say in an interview but are you aware of the things which you are not supposed to say in an interview. If not, read on!

Top 7 mistakes in an interview you should never commit :

  1. Firstly, when the interviewer ask you to introduce yourself by mentioning your name ……never say your name again in the intro.
  2. Never repeat same sentence again and again, unless asked.
  3. Never speak too fast, always have a check on your speech speed.
  4. Never use rich vocabulary in your interview because their is no guarantee that the interviewer knows the meanings of the words you use. Only use common words.
  5. Don’t give large time gap while speaking……which is boring to interviewer.
  6. Never say ah…..ah….ah….. or mm….mm………. while talking that sound seems quite irritating.
  7. Lastly, Never give negative opinions on anything. Always be optimistic and everything goes fine.

All the best !!

Answered by Priyanka

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