First Kiss Experience

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First Kiss Experience

We all have had that moment when we had our first kiss. The first kiss experience is the most memorable and stays with you for the rest of your life. Here are some of the first kiss experiences.

It happened on 8th March 2015. It was Holi that day.
A night before that I’d told my boyfriend of one week (but best friend of a much longer time period) how much I wished for him to be the first person to apply color to me. I hadn’t expected at all that anything would lead to that. In fact, we almost didn’t meet that day.
Actually we were volunteering for a committee in college and after playing holi with our families we decided to meet in college. We had an amazing time the whole day. New days. Totally mooning over each other.
It was almost 6:30–7:00 by the time we left. Almost sunset. As its Holi and a Sunday, the first class coach was almost empty and it was an old train with those high up partitions in between. Something like this:

We were sitting in the corner behind those partitions and the coach was empty. It was dark and we were sitting by the window. The lights kept on going out again and again. Everything felt so perfect. We were talking on some sensitive topic. Something about death, separation and we both got really emotional. We had grown very close over our college trip and their were no awkward moments between us ever. We sat their silently facing each other with almost teary eyes. And I moved forward but co incidentally he turned his head and missed 😛 We sat there a little flushed and blushing. Although, the moment built up again and this time I didn’t miss as i quickly pecked him and looked down, then at him sniggering a little. He blushed so hard and then kissed me again this time a little longer with our eyes closed, and bit my lower lip. It was our first kiss as a couple and otherwise too. It was magical to say the least!! :’)
It was his station next. He got off and i stood on the door, both of us blushing red. He got off stood at the door. Then got on again and hugged me. Then got down again. As the train started he started moving with the train and then stopped as i waved back to him standing at the door, smiling. Oh it was magical! It was as if i was floating, glowing. As if it was visible to everyone as people gave me weirded out looks as i floated through the train, and the platform and back home. I was a little worried that my parents will notice this.
Luckily they didnt 😛


We were studying at the library, me and my brand new bf. Or was it still my best friend? I don’t know, we were still figuring it out.
His birthday was a week later so I asked him what he would like to do before he turned 20.
“Kiss you.”
“You heard me.”
“No, we have to wait…”
I remember wanting to kiss him. I’m not even sure why I wanted to wait. He knew that so, naturally, he tried to convince me.
“But sometimes you need to see what you’re waiting for, so you know what you’re looking up to. You know how at the end of every GoT episode there is a little teaser? It always makes you want to watch the next episode”
“But we shouldn’t..”
“Just once, just a teaser.
Just to see what we’re waiting for.
Don’t you want to know what it feels like?”
“Yeah, I do”
So we kissed. According to him, my reaction was pretty much this:
“OMG, what did you DO? OMG.”
“Didn’t you like it?”
“Yes, I did.”
He smiled. 🙂
And now, here we are. Two years later. Making plans to get married.
Sherany Marhé

My first kiss was embarrassing, humiliating. I was 17 then, i guess. I went for IIT coaching to New Delhi.
I met this girl in coaching – funny, intellectual. It was barely two weeks after her break up, we used to talk everyday (night actually). I asked her to join me to the 14th floor as there was some construction site and was lonely. It was calm, quiet and dark.
It wasn’t her first kiss, we came close. our lips touched, it was heaven. I didn’t know what to do then. Emraan Hashmi kissing style was quite famous then , and with no clue in microseconds after our lips touched I moved my lips periodically up and down. With all the energy I had.
I kept doing it. I was confident enough that I was giving her pleasure. I was the man now, or probably I thought so. She asked me to calm down and later exclaimed that I was not a good kisser. All my confidence was turned into ash, and she made fun of it as I expected.
Shivam Bangia

It was 2nd year(2009) of my 4 year graduation course. I had crush on one of my classmate and friend. I proposed her about 30 days ago and she never spoke about that and acted like nothing happened. I used to discuss about the crush I have on her, how beautiful she is and how I would take care of her, what are my plans with her bla bla. she always asked “why me?” and passed on to some other things.
I was unable to hold the excitement and after 45 days I told her that she has to clear doubt about our relation. She told she would tell her decision on coming saturday. After the collage(saturday), we travelled together to our homes(about 1 hour journey). usually I used to drop her and go home almost everyday. I kept her asking what is her decision. finally about 1 minute away from her home rear to kachiguda Railway station, without me noticing, I was in the exact place where I proposed her(we usually take a different route). I stopped her by pulling her hand before she could leave for her lane. I said ”tell me” holding her hand. she saw around to find no one on either side of road, came closer kissed me and said ”take whatever you get from this” and left. I was awestruck in the middle of the road. after a couple of minutes I came to my senses. It was like I have conquered the entire world and it was the greatest achievement and unparalleled excitement.
7 years down the line, today, she is my wife 🙂
and the journey of how we got married, that a story for some other time.
Jagadish Babu

My first kiss has a great story attached to it.
I was 15, she was 14. We had started dating two days back.
A little background here. We had been friends for a long time and I had fallen for her two years before.
Our school had conducted an exchange program with another school in Germany. Both of us were a part of the group and had started dating in Germany itself. It was our last day there, and the German school had organized a farewell function. Picture a nice hall with nicely dressed people having nice conversations and some nice German food.
I had performed a couple of songs on my guitar along with a friend and was asked to go and keep the guitars on the second floor. I asked my girlfriend to accompany me, which she did. Now, she told me that she had bought about 3 kilograms of chocolates but didn’t have enough luggage to accommodate it and asked me if i could carry them tomorrow. To this, I replied, that each kilogram would cost her a kiss. (Now, a kiss back then was just a little peck on the cheek.  We were kids ) She made those cute little excuses ,one makes when they want to do something but are not sure about it.
Suddenly, she grabbed me and kissed me thrice, on my cheeks. We were standing, holding each other tight, and I said, “lips?”, and just went for it. I was so nervous that I didn’t even move. I just stood there, as still as possible. Frozen. It was an amazing experience. Something, i am going to remember for the rest of my life.
What followed was an hour of tiny little glances at each other’s red faces and smiles, Which stood for Love.
First Love is indeed magical.
Luv Thakral

Ahhhh.. First kiss.
It was beautiful and messy and everything I wanted it to be. It took me by surprise and I loved it.

It was the cold wintery day of 19th Dec 2013. The both of us were sitting in the computer lab. Just the two of us. Our computer science teacher had called everyone for extra classes so we could finish our 10th board projects. The timings usually started from 10:30 but the both of us usually came early to meet.

The night before, we spoke till 3. I was tired the next morning, but happy. We were casually talking, and then there was this comfortable silence where I was just staring at him. Suddenly, interrupting the silence, he said, “I’m gonna kiss you now”. And I was in a shock. It wasn’t like we hadn’t talked about it before. But I didn’t expect it to be sudden. One moment I was staring at him and the next moment he pulled me in and kissed me. I found the courage to kiss him back. My hands were freezing, and he took them in his hands. It went on for what seemed like forever. It was perfect.

Just moments after we stopped, a junior came in and told us that our class teacher wanted to meet us. We were horrified. We were so in the moment that we totally forgot about the CCTV camera in the lab. And our class teacher already knew about us. My heart couldn’t have thumped harder. He looked at my scared face and told me not to worry. And then nervously we both went to the staff room to talk to her. Turned out she just called us to help her out with uploading the marks. Damn! I could’ve died in those really long moments.

After we were done, the both of us couldn’t stop looking at each other, even during the class.

As I said, PERFECT!

Aditi Dutta

It was in school. And it was my really really close friend, who I secretly (or not?) liked.
So we were sitting on the last bench, corner seat of our class, which was completely empty at that time. Just a few friends of ours were standing outside, with no clue whatsoever what was going on inside.
He suddenly asked me if I was ready.
I replied, “For what?”
And then all of a sudden, he was kissing me, and it felt so good, because hey, I was snogging my crush! And since both of us were inexperienced noobs, we ended up kissing at the wrong angle, and he did bite my lip (which got swollen slightly). But, as it was my first kiss, and unexpected, I remember my brain went into such a shock after that, that I didn’t register what the hell had just happened.
He said, ‘Damini, are you fine?”
Because I was just sitting there, with my hand on my mouth and staring into a distance. It seemed like a dream; that it had happened inside my head but somehow seemed real, you know, the way dreams tend to sometimes.
But after about fifteen minutes or so, I snapped out of it and then we went out for a walk and just discussed what it was like.
Later, my friend asked me how I got a corner of my lip red and swollen. I said, “Oh, an insect bit me there. It’ll be alright by tomorrow.” I wasn’t afraid of her judging me. I just wanted to keep those memories to me, just his and my special little secret.
Damini Singh

You can never miss the cute ones. They are the best.

I was preparing for my boards.I dozed off on my couch while studying.
After some time, I felt someone kissing on my lips!
I panicked. I immediately got up and looked around,
And then there was she, my 2 years old niece, blushing and smiling at me.
I smiled back and said,“hargun, come here.”
She said,”It was me.”
She paused for a moment and continued, “I love you Peetu”
(My nick name is meetu, she calls me peetu)
May be that’s what we call the bond of love that a toddler shares with her mother’s sister.
Rishika Bajaj

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