Cool Facts About Marvel and DC Universe

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Cool Facts About the Marvel / DC Universe and Characters

We all love the Marvel and DC universe. Here are some of the cool facts about the Marvel and the DC universe and their characters.

  • The movie, Suicide Squad, was released on the 50th Anniversary of the Joker’s Live Action Debut

  • Roy Harper (Red Arrow) can shoot arrows faster than Green Arrow

  • Superman once wore and used blue lantern ring

  • Joker knows the identity of the whole Bat family but he just doesn’t care. He used this as a tactic during New 52 Death of the Family Series.

  • In 2000, Lex Luthor became the President of the USA in DC universe

  • Aquaman once had a Walrus sidekick named Tusky

  • Bart Allen has genes of two rival family (Allen and Thawne)

  • The Joker was supposed to die in his first appearance

  • Alfred once beat the crap out of Superman. (This happened during Injustice: God Among Us Year one Comic. Alfred had taken a pill which gave him super abilities for a short period of time. He did this because Superman had brutally injured Batman. And Superman was caught off-guard)

  • (One more Joker-Batman fact) Joker hates every member of the Bat Family. But he hates Dick Grayson (First Boy Wonder and Nightwing) the most since he was the only one he wasn’t able to traumatize

  • Aquaman has the ability to swim faster than a supersonic jet

  • Clark Kent compresses his spine while in disguise, so that he will look shorter than superman

  • Fans voted to kill Jason Todd (Robin) via call-in poll

  • The Joker once made Superman hallucinate into thinking that Lois Lane was Doomsday. Superman ended up killing Lois, his unborn son and finally The Joker

  • Deathstroke joined the army at the age of 16.

These facts are taken from a question answered by Anubhav Ghosh on Quora. Hope you liked these facts about the Marvel / DC Universe. If you have more, share it in the comments section below.

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