Brother Sister Stories For Bhai Dooj

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Brother Sister Stories For Bhai Dooj

There are many brother sister stories which will take place today which happens to be Bhai Dooj, a festival celebrated by Indian and Nepali Hindus. This is a festival where sisters invite their brothers for a sumptuous meal often including their favorite dishes/sweets. The whole ceremony signifies the duty of a brother to protect his sister, as well as a sister’s blessings for her brother. This is similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Here are a few brother sister stories for you on this auspicious day from Quora.

  • “Krunal…you idiot…Where the hell are you?” Meera shouted.
    “Why the hell are you screaming with your weird voice?” Krunal responded.
    “Weird voice? well…leave it…first tell me, What the hell is this?” Meera question.
    “Humans know it as a watch, I don’t know what you aliens call it.” Krunal sarcastically answered.
    “Ha ha ha. Very funny. Now, tell me, how did you buy it? It’s costliest brand and you’re jobless. Plus, valentine day is on tomorrow. Now, if you won’t answer then I’m going to dad now.” Meera warned him.
    On hearing dad word, Krunal quickly added, “Hey, I bought it from my pocket money. Plus….”
    “Plus?” Meera interrupted him and asked.
    “Plus, I kinda of sold my mobile.” Krunal confessed.
    “What? But, you told us that you lost it. Oh! Now, you’re so dead. I’m going to dad right now.” Meera angrily added.
    “Noh! Wait…wait! Don’t tell that to dad else I will tell your that creepy nickname to Raj.” Krunal threatened her.
    “What? Not at all, you’re not going to do that. Alright? I can’t handle my creepy nickname with Raj’s sarcastic tone. He’ll hit it like every time.” Meera finally agreed to Krunal’s words.
    Considering it as a licence of harassment, day by day, Krunal kept harassing Meera more and more. But, two months later he cried the most on Vidai ceremony of Meera.
    On the second day of marriage, when Meera was opening all marriage gifts, she found an unnamed box. When she opened it, she found the same costly watch and a note saying – “I bought it for you only. Missing fights and your weird voice my dhondhu – Krunal”
    Meera felt a bit emotional reading to that. The next moment, Raj entered in the room and asked, “Krunal just texted me, How’s Dhondu? By the way, who’s this Dhondu?”
    Meera left the room shouting, I’m so going to kill KRUNAL today.”
    Noticing Meera’s expressions, Raj understood everything and self-talked, “Aha! She’s a Dhondu. Thanks Krunal!”
    Dhawal Barot
  • To fill the void, she stepped into the parents’ shoes.
    Looking at him today, his nervous arms holding her baby girl, her eyes welled up.
    She had raised the godfather of her child well.
    Akshata Limaye
  • Neil shouted ‘Sayali , give me my shirt you are clicking pic with.
    She gave a cute look and said ‘You are the sweetest brother in the world 🙂 , you know na how much I love love you with grin she said in order to have that shirt .
    Neil knew that Sayali is being sweet just to take the shirt so he snatched the shirt and said ‘But I hate you and you are not going to get this’
    It was last year when they had such a fight. Today Sayali is coming from the hostel and her little brother is making bed for her , preparing her favorite dishes , getting a gift fom her .
    Finally sayali reached home but instead of hugging her , he said ‘Uff aa gayi aafat’
    Sayali too taunted his brother by saying ‘Ghar baithe baithe bas bhais hote jara hai’
    Though they both just shared taunts but that smile in both of their faces declared the love they had for each other!
    Jayshree Bhatt

Hope you liked these brother sister stories. Everyone has a few brother sister stories of their own. We’d love to hear yours. Please share your brother sister stories in the comments section below and we will publish them in our next post.

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