Asshole Parent

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Asshole Parent

Kids sometimes don’t know how to react when their parents do normal stuff. So they react in the best way possible. Check out the Instagram kids who think they have an asshole parent.

Her dad had to go potty, so I’m an #assholeparent 😫🚽💩 #AVA

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After. When Dread pulled a sit in (or lie in) due to not getting candy.

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I’m an #AssholeParent because I handed mommy a pillow. @assholeparents

A photo posted by Gavin (@gavinwakeupcall) on

Can’t hang #assholeparent

A photo posted by Dexter Fowler (@dexfowler) on

He didn’t want to be Yoda. So I’m an #assholeparent Via @jmaried73

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We are going to Disneyland in the morning but I asked her to take a shower tonight so I’m an asshole. #assholeparent

A photo posted by Kristen Howerton (@kristenhowerton) on

Devastated by her lack of sprinkles. “Mom you didn’t get me enough sprinkles ” #assholeparent #worstmomever

A photo posted by Kathryn Galloway (@kat_galloway) on

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